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Thank you for your interest in our periodontal practice. Our Periodontics and Dental Implant Center is located in San Jose, California near Santana Row and Valley Fair Mall. Dr. Niloofar Zarkesh, Dr. Christine Hayashi, and Dr. Adrienne Gunstream practice in our dental office and are periodontists specializing in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases and dental implant placement.

Our periodontist specialists have years of experience in the field of periodontics and offer all aspects of periodontal treatment and esthetic gum surgeries like gum grafting, bone grafting, extractions and dental implants, gummy smile treatment, gingivectomy, laser treatment, osseous surgery, crown lengthening, gingival smile correction and smile makeover.

At Perio4U, we are committed to keeping existing teeth through surgical and non-surgical periodontal treatment, as well as replacing missing teeth with dental implants. We are there for our patients to make them enjoy smiling, eating, talking, and having a quality life.

We provide Emergency Care to relieve pain through periodontal treatment and or tooth extraction and immediate dental implant placement.

We CT scans in our office and provide digital planning, to provide safe and effective single, multiple, and or  All-on 4 Dental Implants (Denture over 4 implants). We use the top dental implant systems in the US which are FDA-approved and have the longest effectiveness and safety track records.


Crown Lengthening
Surgery and Veneers for Gummy Smile
Gummy Smile
Implant Head Coverage with Connective Tissue Graft
Periodontal Treatment and Orthodontics
Tooth Replacement with Dental Implant
Teeth Replacement with Implant-supported Overdenture
Gingivectomy for Gum Overgrowth
Gum Grafting for Generalized Recession
Implant Placement for Severe Periodontics
Gummy Smile Treatment
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